Data Center Automation

From Biometrics to Power and Cooling...

Operating large data centers not only requires a staff of skilled personnel, but also a wide range of processes and best practices to ensure optimal growth and capacity planning.

A common problem in data centers is the inability to measure power and cooling in any quadrant causing an inefficient build-out, which hampers effective use of space. Not being able to effectively measure the amount of cooling tonnage required in a given area of the data center is a recipe for disaster as more equipment is moved into the space. All but the newest Tier 4 data centers were designed to support power and cooling requirements of server and networking equipment that used less power and were less dense then those of today. This results in data centers not having the ability to cool dense racks, SANs, and blade server configurations that are commonplace today, leaving no option but to force customers to take down more space than necessary to be able to cool the equipment and an inefficient use of expensive real estate.

Among other problems facing every large data center include a non-homogeneous equipment vendor environment. Typically, vendors provide monitoring software that is limited to their respective equipment. With literally hundreds of vendors in any one data center, management of the equipment quickly becomes impossible.

Glick Interactive has experience in building a complete automation ecosystem that is self-contained in one rack and can be duplicated for multi-data center deployments. Glick Interactive's EcoCore(TM) ecosystem is an SNMP driven system relying on common SNMP V2 and v3 MIBS. The approach is completely modular, allowing for current in development and future modules to be easily plugged into its database driven back end.

The EcoCore is skin-able, allowing the customer to fit the design of the GUI to the look and feel of the customer’s product literature. The system allows for 1000’s of probe points to be analyzed and acted on. The core is designed for a fully automated data center where monitoring can occur down to a rack level initially, and a server level with additional enhancements. Additional applications can share data via the core. Each system is custom designed to meet any data center needs.