Managed Hosting by Colocube

Managed Hosting for High Availability Complex Networks

Colocube ( provides managed hosting services for a wide range of customer mission critical applications.   Colocube does not white box servers and only provisions name brand equipment such as Dell for our rack-mounted managed servers. Colocube monitors all hosted solutions on a 24x7x365 basis proactively to identify potential problems before  they become failures.

Colocube excels in being able to custom provision from a list of more than 50 providers for their customers. By default, any customer with Colocube is able to take advantage of the 4 top LECs (Sprint, Level 3, Verizon, AT&T) as well as cogent for media services. We can upon demand provision any other LEC or NAP that our customers need by way of the Telx facility (Formerly the PAIX facility) where more than 80 networks converge in the meet-me room (MMR).



 Colocube utilizes multiple monitoring systems, each with different sensitivities and purposes, all of which are in constant evolution.

Colocube hase extensive experience in design and implementation of HPC (high performance computing) networks that our customers require for 100% uptime, redundant, high-traffic, low-latency and immediately scalable as traffic grows.

Colocube is always researching, evaluating and adopting new technologies. We proactively form strategic alliances with technology partners whose products and services best serve our client's needs. By being focused on our market, we take advantage of the latest solutions which can deliver the best price-performance ratios within the context of a given engagement.

Colocube features accessibility to more than 20 network providers, including all of the Tier I CLECs such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and Level 3 as well as connectivity availability to media networks like Cogent and Savvis. Our connectivity is N+1 redundant to ensure there is never downtime associated with networking snafus. Our facility is fully protected against fiber cuts by eliminating the single point of failure of only having 1 fiber path

With access to a power grid that is N+2 with both redundant battery backup systems and generators,  Colocube  ensures that power loss never occurs for our customers. Additionally, our facility is designed to let our customers run at full load. We are capable of cooling 300w/square foot, something that most current or early generation data centers can not provide.

Within the Colocube facility, there is full coverage via security cameras throughout the facility in addition to being staffed with personnel 24/7/365 with protected access by way of biometrics for any incoming and outgoing personnel, customers, and equipment. Video is randomly audited to ensure that all policies and security measures are being constantly enforced.