Managed Services

Managed Hosting and IT Services

Glick Interactive provides a suite of managed services for both outsourcing IT software development as well as managed hosting of complex networks.

Glick provides software and website development and maintenance outsourced IT support through our offices in New Delhi. We employ a large staff of competent developers that are conversant with the projects we build in the US for an easy transition once the project is completed.

For managed hosting including: Drupal hosting, Network Design Services, and managed IT outsourcing, Glick can provide these services through our partner Colocube (

Colocube operates an HPC (High Performance Computing) styled data center environment for its customers. Being an HPC data center involves coverage in many key areas, such as Security, Networking, Power, and Cooling.

In today's environment of ever increasing server power loads and cooling requirements, Colocube stands out with its ability to power and cool the equivalent of 17,300w per rack where most data centers struggle to provide 11,500w per rack. This translates into lower costs while providing enterprise level support, as well as the ability to cool very dense web hosting environments. To put it another way, where most providers are constrained to 30 servers in a 42U rack (typical 1U servers), we are able to get an additional 10 servers in each rack with room to spare.

Colocube provides managed hosting services for a wide range of customer mission critical applications.   Colocube does not white box servers and only provisions name brand equipment such as Dell for our rack-mounted managed servers.   Colocube monitors all hosted solutions on a 24x7x365 basis proactively to identify potential problems before  they become failures.

Colocube excels in being able to custom provision from a list of more than 50 providers for our customers. By default, any customer with Colocube is able to take advantage of the 4 top LECs (Sprint, Level 3, Verizon, AT&T) as well as cogent for media services. We can upon demand provision any other LEC or NAP that our customers need by way of the Telx facility (Formerly the PAIX facility) where more than 80 networks converge in the meet-me room (MMR).

Colocube utilizes multiple monitoring systems, each with different sensitivities and purposes, all of which are in constant evolution.

Additionally, Colocube has extensive experience in design and implementation of HPC (high performance computing) networks that our customers require for 100% uptime, redundant, high-traffic, low-latency and immediately scalable as traffic grows.